Mobile Development

Accelarate results with delightful mobile apps

Since the iPhone changed the face of software, we’ve had a strong focus on creating experiences on mobile, often launching new product ideas from back-of-the-napkin concepts to thousands of users. With Vorane as a partner, startups and large businesses alike can develop an identity and launch a new product idea within months as well as managing development throughout the product life cycle.

Everything you need to launch – and land!



Our strategy and product experts will help you navigate the mobile landscape



Our product designers have the right tools and experience to rapidly design a great experience.



Our engineers have deep expertise across iOS, Android, and cross-platform technologies like React Native.

Finding Fit

Launching a new product is exciting, but the journey to product-market fit can be harrowing. Though we’ve been partners to many teams through this process, navigating the strategy, design, and technical challenges that arise, we’ve learned a ton from incubating our own mobile app, Pigeon Shopping, since 2019. In addition to being a widely scaled (and scaling) mobile app, it’s also built using React Native, giving us perspective on benefits and challenges with true native and React Native development on mobile at scale.

Always Improving

Once a product has reached a certain level of maturity, there are a few cases where we might get involved.

  • Expanding to a new platform, like building an Android app from an iOS experience.
  • Overhauling a legacy codebase. An app may not have been properly maintained and need general servicing, or there may be parts that just don’t quite work as well as expected. You may want to rewrite your native apps with React Native because everyone on your team writes JavaScript and no one wants to learn Swift.
  • Ongoing Support. Whether we’re driving the product strategy or simply collaborating, we have experience working with larger businesses to maintain quality standards of both the user experience and the code.

Mobile Development deliverables

We reduce the fluff and boil down the tech speak to deliverables that are technically oriented and ready for the market


We’ll keep your business considerations at the fore and design your project to realize them. You can expect:

1. Product Vision
2. Product Roadmap


With years of refining our project delivery, we will give you as realistic a development plan can get based on agile product development principles. Expect:

1. Time and Cost Estimates
2. Team Composition
3. Risks Identification
4. Product Requirements Document
5. Agile development execution


We identify the best-in-class technologies and frameworks to implement your project in a fast and scalable way. We’ll provide you:

1. Architecture documentation
2. Tech stack identification


We like to keep our design process fluid – designing as we do the development. We’ll serve you with a prototype that is development-ready. More specifically:

1. Wireframe and Sketches
2. User and Page Flows
3. High fidelity UI designs of core screens

You just found a development goldmine!

We can’t wait to explore your project idea, let’s get down to business!