Strategy + Innovation

Trust Ideas from only those who can build it

Give your product idea a shape. We’ll remove the guesswork of innovating a new digital product by introducing methods that focus on authentic customer needs, product viability, and market insights and technical constraints. We’ll work with you to create a product that delivers the kind of unique value that drives market share and competitive advantage. The main goals for this phase are:

  • Determine business goals, needs and product vision
  • Optimize development costs
  • Identify and mitigate possible project risks
  • Establish a product architecture; custom-made for your business goals.
  • Create a roadmap for product development.

Strategy deliverables

We reduce the fluff and boil down the tech speak to deliverables that are technically oriented and ready for web/mobile development


We’ll keep your business considerations at the fore and design your project to realize them. You can expect:

1. Product Vision
2. Product Roadmap


With years of refining our project delivery, we want to give you as realistic a development plan can get based on agile product development principles. Expect:

1. Time and Cost Estimates
2. Team Composition
3. Risks Identification
4. Product Requirements Document


We identify the best-in-class technologies and frameworks to implement your project in a fast and scalable way. We’ll provide you:

1. Architecture documentation
2. Tech stack identification


We like to keep our design process fluid – designing as we do the development. We’ll serve you with a prototype that is development-ready. More specifically:

1. Wireframe and Sketches
2. User and Page Flows
3. High fidelity UI designs of core screens

The Basic workflow


Prep Work

Collecting needed info(TA, stakeholders, market, competitors, trends, problems), scoping sessions for creating high-level requirements and defining scope of work for the product development


Core work

A Technical preparation for the development(Tech docs, DevOps plan, architecture)



Product Requirements Document and development roadmap with time and money estimations

Delivering Wow

A delightful Product Innovation + Strategy service

We keep your end users in mind

We build apps that enchant your users first, keeping their best interests in mind

We fight for your project’s goals

Each project is a love story. We go above and beyond to make sure your project is a success

You’re always up-to-date.

You will always know your project status. We have a weekly/fortnightly meetings schedule with a transparent task workflow.

You just found a development goldmine!

We can’t wait to explore your project idea, let’s get down to business!