Web Development

We let the product dictate the technology

We will apply the best tech solutions to build a secure, stable and scalable app that delivers an exceptional user experience. Our role as a development company is to seek solutions that match your unique business choice. With correctly applied web development services, you’ll be able to build a successful product from scratch or increase the performance of an existing one, adjusting in real-time to the changing needs of users and market.

Web development deliverables

We reduce the fluff and boil down the tech speak to deliverables that is technically oriented and ready for web/mobile development


Custom Applications
Source Code
Security Testing
Architecture Schemes
Test Plan


3+ Months

The delight is in a refined process

Setting the foundation

Before our development projects start, we need to make sure that everything’s well prepared.

  • Planning. Our team finalizes the roadmap(project schedule with major tasks served in a Gantt Chart with timetables and milestones), Release plan, sets up our ClickUp workspace for your project and creates starter documentation(risk log, change log and the demos plan)
  • QA Guidelines. We create a test plan and weave that into the product’s development cycles.
  • Environment Setup. Developers create repositories, set up servers, generate file systems, set up CI/CD pipelines and add linters.

We split our work into sprints and milestones. After each Sprint, we send reports and get into demo calls.What we do during the development stage.

  • Building a convenient frontend for your app
  • Constructing a reliable backend
  • Implementing DevOps practices
  • Refactoring(the process of restructuring existing computer code)
  • Performing high-load tests
  • Working and adjusting the product architecture
  • Bug fixes

We pride ourselves in the DevOps practices we have been refining over the years, it includes:

  • Setting up cloud
  • Setting up CI/CD
  • Database management
  • Database Migration
  • Instance setups
  • Backups Setup
  • Competitive cloud price management

We have also refined our QA practices over the years. Early on in the project, we create a test plan, that includes the testing activities that we’ll be doing. Here’s some of it:

  • Smoke and functional tests each sprint
  • Regression testing at the end of each project
  • At least 1 week of bug fixing before release.

It’s showtime. We make sure your app works seamlessly and is ready for the big launch(es). Here’s what we do:

  • We check whether the product meets Google Play/App Store requirements(Mobile Apps)
  • High Load tests
  • Regression testing
  • At least one week of bug fixing
  • Setting up production health check


Delivering Wow

The Vorane Sauce

We have been consistently honing our process to make it more and more delightful for you to work with our teams.

Bi-weekly reports and demos

We not only tell you about the progress of your project but always ready to show it to you.

Always incommunicado

You can reach anyone on the team working on your project in our agreed communication channels. We have a goal of a one-hour response time for any queries.

Easily track progress

You will gain access to our task management software and keep track of your project as it is executed, delightfully served in Gantt charts and other views.

You just found a development goldmine!

We can’t wait to explore your project idea, let’s get down to business!